Best New Year’s Resolutions Ideas for 2021

Every year on the eve of New Year, we all make resolutions. The purpose of this is simple, as it is the beginning of the year, and we all make resolutions to follow them for the rest of the year. 2020 was tough, and its time to say goodbye to the worst year of our life due to pandemic. Let’s welcome New Year 2021, although according to research, only 8% of the people follow it. It might sound easy to work according to the resolutions, but it isn’t. Every year in the month of January, we make a new year resolution, and by the end of February, we tend to give up. So, if you are planning to join a gym, then do not participate in January because people tend to leave the gym by the end of February as they fail to continue. It will be better for you to join in February as there will be less crowd, and good for you if you continue going on a regular basis. 

Best New Year’s Resolutions Ideas You Can Work Upon in 2021

There are various new year resolutions 2021 for you to follow, as it is simply up to you if you continue to do it or not. Let’s discuss and see how many of the new year resolution 2021 you can follow. Let us begin with the most common new year’s resolutions and also the ones which people tend to break easily.

Random Quote: People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily. -Zig Ziglar

1. Creating a checklist for every resolution

Best New Year's Resolutions Ideas for 2021

You have to make a list for everything you are planning to do. If you fail to do so, often you forget to add a few things which you want to do, and eventually, it gets messy. Definitely, you would not like that, so it is better to write down your plans instead of keeping it in your mind. 

2. Cutting back your Coffee Intake

Cutting back your Coffee Intake

You must be aware that too much coffee can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases; you need to control the intake of caffeine per day. It would be a problem in the beginning, but eventually, you will get used to it. 

3. Stop being grumpy for a week

Stop being grumpy on New year

It sounds complicated, isn’t it? We all are grumpy at times, and yes, the flow of negative energy is relatively easy in our mind, but we need to fight with it and let go of it, if you do this, you will feel better and positive. 

4. Clean up your social media

Clean up your social media - New Year's Resolutions

Ever looked at your Instagram feed and felt embarrassed about it because of the way you were before? Well, dude, you need to clear it up before someone else judges you. This should be the topmost in your priority list. 

5. Indulge in Cleaning your Home for 5 Minutes in a day – Best New Year’s Resolutions

Clean your house - Best New Year's Resolutions Idea

Not only will it keep you fresh but also it will help you to stay germ-free. Spend time cleaning your kitchen or changing sheets or dusting around the house. 

6. Be kind to others

Help the helpless and be kind to others. It is okay to have a bad day but do not take your frustration out on others. Being kind and compassionate to others is essential to become a good human being. 

7. Do not Give Up

  I know things might not go the way it is supposed to be, but please do not give up. There is so much to do in life instead of giving up. Pick yourself up and give your best in whatever you are doing and also do what makes you feel happy. 

8. Make 2021 a Year of Pleasure

Last but not least, you are done with deciding your resolutions. It is time for you to put effort and complete them to make your upcoming year a happy and memorable one.

Well, these are a few new year resolutions 2021 that we will break the earliest. It sounds familiar too, but we do not follow it for a long time. Well, let me share a quote with you all.  This does not mean that this is going against the resolution but not keeping a check on it is not good. These are a few best new year resolutions you can maintain to have a healthy and active life. It helps you to keep yourself focussed and enthusiastic. In fact, you will be able to concentrate on your work or studies more. Now, I would like to point out a few reasons why resolution 2021 might go wrong.

Few More Thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions

  • Firstly, we all get excited on the eve of the new year and make many unrealistic choices, yes, and those are unattainable. Well, we do not think about it at that point in time, but later on, we realize that those are impossible to carry out.
  • Secondly, we make a list of goals to set, and as a result, we set a vast number of resolutions resulting in not fulfilling them. Instead of that, we can easily select one or two goals that we can easily follow and maintain. Setting one goal and completing it is much wiser than setting numerous goals and not meeting them.
  • Thirdly, we attempt to follow that old schedule we had, we often fail to adopt the new ones resulting in getting lazy again and breaking the resolution.
  • Fourthly, new habits take time to adopt them. We just cannot be like setting a goal today and working on it full-fledged from the next day. To be very precise, it takes 66 consecutive days to adapt to a new style according to research.
  • Fifth, we excite a lot on starting working on our resolution on the 1st of January. Well, you can begin any day if you are confident enough that you will be able to follow it. You do not need the first day of the year to start if you fail to work accordingly, just do not go by the trends blindly because sometimes you need to listen to your heart too.

Okay, that was all about being able to follow up on your goals. Well, I would help you to follow your best new year’s resolutions ideas. All you gotta do is read carefully the steps mentioned below, so you are good to go. People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily. -Zig Ziglar

Just a piece of advice that does not plan something big, I repeat do not. Start small; it will help. Once you complete that small goal of yours, you will feel happy and also positive. That will help you to plan for your next destination, work this way. You will see the results yourself. For example, you want to lose weight. So, at first, do not plan to lose 20 pounds at once. You won’t be able to do so. Start with 4 pounds a month, and eventually, at the end of 5 months, you will see the results. Look, you can do anything but not everything, so keep that in mind and work accordingly. 

Apart from the above advice, forgive yourself and start embracing yourself. Nobody will love you the way you would love yourself. We often face setbacks in life, but that does not mean we are losing it all. Get up and forgive yourself; only then will you be able to move on in life and enjoy the most of your life. 

Why commit to a now-or-never list of New Year’s resolutions? When each day offers a new beginning. -Uncluttered Simplicity

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Be confident about yourself, never ever feel like giving up. If you do so, you will lose yourself in the race of life. Yes, adapting to a new routine, schedule or habit takes a lot of time, and you need determination too. So, how will that come if you are not confident about yourself? Take your take and make sure you do what you want to and prove others who criticize you wrong.  Celebrate small wins, do it yourself. It will help you to boost up your confidence. Moreover, you will feel like doing more and more for yourself. 

Most importantly, remember the reason why you chose to follow this New Year’s Resolutions. Being aimless would confuse and shake your self-confidence too. Always have a reason to do the specific work you are doing.  Well, these are the few ways you can keep yourself determined about the resolutions you take in 2021. All the best to it!